Neighborhood Crawls

Because sometimes a single stop just isn’t enough. Our crawls combine food, beer and dive bar stops into one potentially epic night.

City by City Crawls


Route 66 Amarillo

Broken Spoke Lounge - Amarillo Dive Bar - Outside

Dive bars, hamburgers, Mexican food piled up along Route 66.


Detroit Shoreway

Tina's Nite Club - Cleveland Dive Bar - Bar Area

Classic Cleveland near-urban history.

Lincoln Park

Hotz Cafe - Cleveland Dive Bar - Outside

Babe Ruth drank here.

Ohio City

ABC The Tavern - Cleveland Dive Bar - Bowling Game

Diamonds among the trendy.


Ohio State Campus

Bier Stube - Columbus Dive Bar Exterior

College without the crippling debt.

German Village

Beck Tavern - Columbus Dive Bar - Interior

Beer amongst the brick-laid streets.

Grandview Heights

Mickey's Dive Bar Columbus

Sneaky divey near-suburb.

Short North Columbus

Char Bar - Columbus Dive Bar Exterior

Short North sans pretension.

Old North Columbus

Ledo's Tavern - Columbus Dive Bar - Dart Boards

Eclectic in-between district.


Deep Ellum

Adair's Saloon - Dallas Dive Bar - Interior

Dive bars with roots.


Cass Corridor

The Old Miami - Detroit Dive Bar - Outside

Exploring the historic heart of downtown Detroit a dive at a time.


Jacksonville Beaches

Ginger's Place - Jacksonville Dive Bar - Outside

Beach mix of dives, diners & taco trucks.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles to Las Vegas Road Trip

Lee's Tavern - Los Angeles to Las Vegas Dive Bar - Exterior

A drive through the Mojave Desert doesn’t have to be dry.


East Bank Extended

Terminal Bar - Minneapolis Dive Bar - Outside

Sliver of dive bar life & late night karaoke along the Mississippi River.

Juicy Lucy Loop

Matt's Bar - Minneapolis Dive Bar - Outside Sign

The endless search for molten cheese-filled beef continues.

Minneapolis Nordeast

Dusty's Bar - Minneapolis Dive Bar - Dago Mural

The most potent concentration of dive bars in a city made for dive bars.

New Orleans

The Bywater

Vaughan's Lounge - New Orleans Dive Bar - Front Door

The perfect dive bar neighborhood on the edge of the New Orleans map.

French Quarter

Chart Room - New Orleans Dive Bar - Outside

A worthwhile hunt for dive bar authenticity among the tourists.

Magazine St / Uptown

Brothers Three III - New Orleans Dive Bar - Outside

One of the main arteries of the city with some of the main dives too.


Snake & Jake Christmas Club Lounge - New Orleans Dive Bar - Outside

Deep history where the street cars start to stop. 


Downtown Philly

Dirty Frank's - Philadelphia Dive Bar - Interior

City block hopping from Dirty Franks to McGillin’s down the alley.


East Sacramento

Club 2 Me - Sacramento Dive Bar - Front Neon Sign

Sacramento’s off-center home to neon shamrocks and pasties.

Midtown Sacramento

Flame Club - Sacramento Dive Bar - Neon Sign

Some of the best dive bar signage in the city just off the beaten path.

Downtown Sacramento

Back Door Lounge - Sacramento Dive Bar - Alley Sign

From Old Sacramento to downtown’s best dives.


Downtown Tampa

The Hub - Tampa Dive Bar - Outside Sign

All roads lead to The Hub.

St. Pete Beach

Smugglers Tavern - St. Pete Dive Bar - Exterior Sign

The dive bar archipelago.