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Columbus Brewing Company - Columbus Brewery - Interior

In Short

One of the staples of the Columbus beer scene finally gets the taproom its beer deserves, with an open, relaxed setting and a rotating selection of taproom-specific experimental and small-batch offerings that sets the space apart.

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Relax with some weird one-offs.

Field Note

Columbus Brewing Company, or CBC as you’ll see it referred to here and through the city of Columbus, has a long and winding history that only recently included a public taproom. For years, a CBC restaurant stood in the Brewery District just south of downtown Columbus, a deceptive building that was more a restaurant that served CBC beer on tap rather than a taproom or unique experience.

That site has since been repurposed with a new tenant, but in the wake of the closing of the restaurant, a true taproom was born in a much less trafficked, much more industrial part of Columbus that is kind of “in-between” suburbs on the near west side. And while the location isn’t quite as prestigious as the downtown-adjacent Brewery District, the space itself if a vast improvement on the previous restaurant’s light-hearted support of the brewery.

Because of the slightly out of the way location and the generous square footage, the taproom has a very hang-out-here-for-a-long-time type of vibe.

The interior itself won’t shock anyone who has been to a brewery in the last ten years, with an open concept, spacious front room and wide array of beers, but because of the slightly out of the way location and the generous square footage, the taproom has a very hang-out-here-for-a-long-time type of vibe. Food trucks frequent the front parking lot throughout the week to complete the expected set of brewery accommodations.

The beer selection does shine with select taproom-only selections, a nice complement to the staple brews available throughout the city. And that taproom-only selection isn’t confined to simply seasonal offerings, like so many other breweries, but rather small batch and experimental varieties that may or may see the light of day again.

Simply put, CBC’s taproom is just that, the quintessential modern taproom with a refreshing, a wide-ranging beer selection in comfortable surroundings. And while the space doesn’t bring with it a neighborhood vibe or a bustling area with lots to do, it excels as a chill-out spot generally accessible to much of the city, and the vibe inside reflects that.

Beers to Try

The Basics

Columbus Brewing Company
2555 Harrison Rd
Columbus, OH 43204

Modern Taproom

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CBC IPA (6.3%) Year-Round | IPA (shocker) The flagship offering and the variety most frequently seen in Columbus-area carryouts and bars. Potent alcohol content without tipping into anything remotely approaching overpowering.

Bodhi (8.5%)
Year-Round | Imperial IPA

One notch up in terms of strength and intensity from the IPA, Bodhi is the beer to drink if you’re trying to catch up or really get after it. Widely available throughout the city, this is a great ‘get the night started with a first strong one’ kind of beer.

Creeper (10%)
Year-Round | Imperial IPA

And if you’re sensing a trend, you’re on to something, as Crepper is an additional step up in ABV and intensity, this one coming in at a healthy 10%, but still not overpowering and with the kick in the liver it packs.

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