D&W Lounge

Houston, Texas

The east side of Houston’s downtown core may be one of the most authentic remaining districts of the city and Second Ward staple D&W Lounge serves as one of the area’s signature enclaves. After stints as a convenience store and ice house dating back to the 1940s, the space settled as D&D Lounge before current owner Keith Weyel purchased the dive bar and added his last initial to the name.

Supported for many years by third-shifters at the now closed Maxwell Roast plant nearby, D&W Lounge opens daily at 7 AM, catering to day drinkers at all hours of the day. The décor is dive bar exceptional and includes taxidermy, lava lamps and a not subtle shrine to Marilyn Monroe. Weekends see live music on the dive bar’s stage as well as karaoke nights that often benefit from the deep Mexican-American heritage in Houston’s Second Ward sometimes referred to as El Segundo.

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The Basics

911 Milby St
Houston, TX 77023

Neighborhood Bar



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