The gritty, grounded, off-the-beaten-path travel guide built around the dive bars, the holes-in-walls, the everyday experiences that make local life unique. Made for people, not tourists.

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The Villager Tavern

Darts and dog bowls.

Durty Nelly’s

Where dive bars & delis mix.

Suds & Duds

Laundry-adjacent drinking.

Madonna’s Bar & Grill

Beneath half a disco ball.

The Scoundrel Shop: New Arrivals

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Dive Bars

Rossi’s Liquors

Soul of River North.

Double Down Saloon

24/7 punk music dive.

Bucksnort Saloon

Dollar-laden mountain dive.

The Fat Pelican

Flea market-flavored beach dive.


The best dive in America. Really.

Dive Bar City Guides

Amarillo / Lubbock

Broken Spoke Lounge - Amarillo Dive Bar - Outside

Call it Texas panhandle extended, dive bars intersecting with Route 66.


Northside Tavern - Atlanta Dive Bar - Outside

Evolving patchwork of neighborhoods with a rich network of dives underneath.


Modern Midwestern city with some profoundly not modern dive bar gems.


Harbor Inn - Cleveland Dive Bar - Sign

The best dive bars come from the richest history, and Cleveland provides.


Pete's Bar - Jacksonville Dive Bar - Neon Sign

There’s something about beach air giving birth to dive bars and Jacksonville is no exception.


Magnolia Bar & Grill - Louisville Dive Bar - Exterior

Southern and Midwestern influences converge to create a patchwork of divey options.


CC Club - Minneapolis Dive Bar - Outside

Minneapolis provides the perfect storm of food, drinking and dive bars, yes, including the Juicy Lucy.

New Orleans

Snake & Jake Christmas Club Lounge - New Orleans Dive Bar - Outside

There may be no better city to create dive bars steeped in history, culture and neighborhood uniqueness.

New York

McSorley's Old Ale House - New York Dive Bar - Outside Sign

The task of visiting and documenting every New York dive bar is daunting but someone must.

Tampa / St. Pete

Mahuffer's - Tampa Dive Bar - Interior

Stitched-together cities with deep roots make for fertile drinking ground.

Neighborhood Crawls

Deep Ellum

Dallas, Texas
Bier Stube - Columbus Dive Bar Exterior

Dive bars with roots.

German Village

Columbus, Ohio
Beck Tavern - Columbus Dive Bar - Interior

Beer amongst the brick-laid streets.

Lincoln Park

Cleveland, Ohio
Hotz Cafe - Cleveland Dive Bar - Outside

As “Cleveland neighborhood” as it gets.

The Bywater

New Orleans, Louisiana
Vaughan's Lounge - New Orleans Dive Bar - Front Door

The edge of the world.

Grandview Heights

Columbus, Ohio
Mickey's Dive Bar Columbus

Sneaky divey near-suburb.

French Quarter

New Orleans, Louisiana
Chart Room - New Orleans Dive Bar - Outside

The search for gems among the rough.

City by City Listings

Featured Articles

Top 5 Minneapolis Dive Bars

Top 5 Minneapolis Dive Bars

The Upper Midwest is friendly territory for the classic neighborhood dive bar. Minneapolis in particular is home to a rich tradition of grab-a-burger, hunker down during the winter months-style neighborhood bars that have been in business since Prohibition.

Top 5 Tampa / St. Pete Dive Bars

Top 5 Tampa / St. Pete Dive Bars

Liberties have been taken with this list, a collection of Florida dive bars across Tampa, St. Pete Beach, Clearwater and all points south and west of Tampa proper. There’s something magical about the union of a lean-to beach shack and a rustic dive bar, a combination Tampa excels in supporting.

Top 5 New Orleans Dive Bars

Top 5 New Orleans Dive Bars

Picking a favorite New Orleans dive bar is a bit like picking a favorite child. The confluence of cultural forces that created New Orleans continue today as the backdrop to a rich collection of historic, authentic neighborhood dives.

Top 5 Cleveland Dive Bars

Top 5 Cleveland Dive Bars

Cleveland’s deep roots can be overlooked at times, a trait that has allowed the classic Midwestern dive bar to thrive there. These are hearty Cleveland dive bars for hearty, unapologetic Cleveland residents.

Top 5 Columbus Dive Bars

Top 5 Columbus Dive Bars

Though the city is growing faster than any other in the Midwest, the Columbus dive bar is alive and well. From timeless diner-dive combos to dive bars embedded in residential blocks, Columbus is an underrated dive bar hotbed.