Pigs Eye Pub

Hartford, Connecticut

When evaluating dive bars, a good tagline is as good a way as any stand out and Hartford’s Pigs Eye Pub clocks in with the impeccable tagline of “oinkin and boinkin since 1997.” Visiting is, naturally, required after reading something like that and thankfully the vibe inside matches the promise of its marketing. Located on the second floor of a building in downtown Hartford, the dive bar uses the space afforded to maximum effect, packing in seating, decorations and a curved horseshoe bar that serves as its centerpiece. Distinct spaces include areas for pool and darts as well as a back patio that is enclosed but offers a view of the street below.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Pigs Eye Pub spent its downtime revamping the interior of the Hartford dive bar, refinishing multiple surfaces throughout the space. The result is something a little too refined to be called a true dive bar, but the drink specials offer dive-like pricing with $1 select draft beers on Wednesdays and the bar’s famous Liver Die Thursday specials that include heavily discounted options. The bar’s decorations feel like a mix between classic Irish pub and a garage sale, including a handful of displays made up of items left behind by drinkers, including a display of misplaced hats and defunct credit cards.

SFG Note: This is a dive bar directory listing. We haven’t had the good fortune of visiting firsthand yet. When we do, you’ll get a great review. In the meantime, we’ve compiled information to help you make a choice on visiting.

The Basics

356 Asylum St
Hartford, CT 06103

Downtown Dive



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