Rustic Lounge

Henderson, Nevada

Rustic Lounge - Henderson Dive Bar - Interior

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Keep an eye out as the building can pass in a blur.

The Basics

1817 N Boulder Hwy
Henderson, NV 89011


In Short

Along Henderson’s Boulder Highway, Rustic Lounge is unique among Henderson bars, a hunting lodge theme brought to life thanks to a log-lined structure and a country-style set of decorations inside. The semi-remote Rustic Lounge location only enhances the theme, the bar along a stretch of Boulder Highway that shifts quickly between light commercial development and rolling desert expanse.

Field Note

The inventory of Henderson bars runs a broad spectrum from old-school downtown district staples like Gold Mine Tavern to a handful of locations that exist on the fringes of the city served by the almost rural Boulder Highway. Rustic Lounge is one such fringe Henderson dive bar, opened in 2016 taking over a space once known as Magoo’s Lodge. And as is the case for many dive bars, Rustic Lounge fits in well with the scenery and neighborhood that surrounds it.

Rustic Lounge sits along a stretch of Boulder Highway that feels a bit like an “in-between” patch, commercial development quickly fading into largely untouched tracts of desert land. The backdrop serves outlying Henderson bars like Rustic Lounge well, the structure’s hunting lodge look a strong match to its desert surroundings. A biker-friendly bar, Rustic Lounge’s plot of land includes an expansive parking lot sometimes taken over for communal events like pig roasts and food truck evenings.

Logs frame the pitched roof above Rustic Lounge’s front door flanked by a pair of lights inscribed with “Welcome to Yukon Territory."

Logs frame the pitched roof above Rustic Lounge’s front door flanked by a pair of lights inscribed with “Welcome to Yukon Territory” to really get the hunting lodge theme across. The main lodge-like building is attached to a tall, wood panel-lined structure that resembles a barn. Thankfully, the vibe inside matches the promise of the Henderson bar’s exterior, wood paneling found throughout the Rustic Lounge interior. All manner of country-themed decorations can be found along the bar’s walls and ledges, including things like farm tools, beer signs and a bit of taxidermy (of course).

A large, horseshoe bar sits in the center of the fairly cavernous Rustic Lounge space, offering ample bar stool seating and a small section of gaming machines embedded in the bar counter. Illuminated liquor bottles sit on an elevated pedestal behind the bar. Two other main areas can be found inside Rustic Lounge, one a sort of dance floor flanked by a fireplace complete with mantle, the other a pool room housing a pair of tables.

A collection of trophies can be found perched atop the bar’s mantle.

The dance floor-like area is used for a number of rotating Rustic Lounge events, including live music, karaoke and Thursday open mic nights. A collection of trophies can be found perched atop the bar’s mantle, the room home to the bar’s sound system, mounted deer and animal rug pinned to one of the Rustic Lounge walls. Televisions can be found in spots, most of them concentrated underneath the low ledge attached to the ceiling above the bar.

The Rustic Lounge space has obviously seen some renovation since its purchase and reopening in 2016, resulting in a clean, welcoming vibe. But thankfully thanks to the theme, the out-of-the-way location, the neighborhood clientele and dedication to a lodge-like theme, Rustic Lounge is unique among Henderson bars and worth the stop along Boulder Highway. Rustic Lounge’s owners have expanded on their early success, opening Rusty Putter Lounge just a handful of miles away.

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