Seven Seas Bar

Miami, Florida

Drinking in the hull of a pirate ship feels like the right kind of vibe for a Miami dive bar and Seven Seas, sometimes written out as Se7as Bar (see what they did there), captures that feeling perfectly. Walking through the front door feels like entering some kind of pirate-heavy alternate dimension, down to the replica ship on the wall, the steering wheel in the center of the room and the porthole-shaped windows. The low drop ceiling with a patchwork tile design adds to the feeling of drinking within cozy, wood-lined confines.

Taking the analogy one step further and imagining the crew belting out sea shanties below deck serves as a decent approximation for what is Miami’s foremost karaoke night, hosted here every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The feeling of being stuffed into the hull of a ship only accentuates the enjoyment of struggling through a few post-drink song lyrics, a communal Miami dive bar experience if ever there were one. In addition to karaoke nights, Seven Seas hosts trivia on Mondays, all of these events surrounded by layers of taxidermy, beer memorabilia, a steering wheel mounted to the wall and even a collection of women’s shoes suspended from the ceiling.

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The Basics

2200 SW 57th Ave
Miami, FL 33155

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