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Odes to All Things Divey

As fans of dive bars, breweries, food trucks and the like, it’s natural to wax a little poetic about our favorites. The features below tackle some of the timeless debates of our time – as long as they’re mostly about beer and food.

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Snake & Jake Christmas Club Lounge - New Orleans Dive Bar - Outside

Top 5 New Orleans Dive Bars

Picking a favorite New Orleans dive bar is a little like picking a favorite child. The combination of New Orleans’ history, its countless cultural influences and unique neighborhoods makes for fertile dive bar breeding ground.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Now That's Class - Cleveland Dive Bar - Dart Board

Top 5 Cleveland Dive Bars

In the most affectionate way possible, Cleveland might be the dive bar of America. And while that might sound like a negative, from this writer it is a glowing compliment, a tribute to the city’s longevity, deep history, unapologetic authenticity and almost universally down-to-earth residents.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Johnnie's Glenn Avenue Grill - Columbus Dive Bar - Interior

Top 5 Columbus Dive Bars

Without some of the manufacturing history of Midwestern neighbors like Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Columbus still packs a dive bar punch with deep routes, vibrant neighborhoods and the classic Midwest corner dive bar.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Mahuffer's - Tampa Dive Bar - Interior

Top 5 Tampa / St. Pete Dive Bars

The borders are blurred a bit here, extending past Tampa proper into dive-friendly beach towns like St. Pete Beach and Clearwater. The combination of beach shack and classic dive bar is an elixir best found in Florida, and these are a few favorites.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Thirsty Beaver Saloon - Charlotte Dive Bar - Exterior

Dive Bar Rating Criteria

While what makes a dive bar a dive bar is undoubtedly an objective and scientific truth (see our expert take here), the process of ranking and rating dives is a wholly subjective exercise. Those generous caveats aside, a few thoughts on what makes a great dive…
Read Time: 5 minutes

Betty's Bar - Columbus Dive Bar - Exterior

What Is A Dive Bar?

Qualifications are subjective, but the definition of a dive bar is more than cheap High Life and a dirty floor. Prepare to get a little sappy, a little poetic, a little over the top in defining what makes dive bars the finest places on Earth.
Read Time: 10 minutes

Stop Reading, Go Drink

Chipp Inn

Corner beer sign museum.


The inside out dive hut.

Bronx Bar

Cass Corridor’s safe haven.

Charlie’s Star Lounge

Former drive-in Dallas dive.

Igor’s Lounge & Gameroom

Red awning neon palace.

World Famous Bull Tavern

Urban country dive bar.

Harbor Room

Smallest dive in Los Angeles.

Swigwam Beach Bar

Relocated beach hut.

Broken Spoke Lounge

Route 66 birthed a dive bar.

Simon’s Tavern

Home to Viking fish neon.