Tiki Ti

Los Angeles, California

In a city populated by cultural institutions, Tiki Ti stakes a claim for inclusion on that list, a Los Angeles dive bar defined by a deep and total devotion to tiki drinking. No beer can be found here and the usual cocktail suspects are unavailable. Instead, the Tiki Ti menu consists of over 80 specialty tiki drinks, some of them created by Tiki Ti (don’t worry, there’s a drink wheel to spin for the indecisive).

Founded in 1961, Tiki Ti is a family business, opened by Ray Buhen and now owned and operated by his son and grandson, Mike Buhen Sr. and Mike Buhen Jr. The Sunset Boulevard institution is so beloved that the dive bar’s grand opening post-COVID pandemic sparked five hour waits to get inside. Pop-up food sometimes posts up outside and be sure to check social media as the bar can sometimes close for a day here and there.

SFG Note: This is a dive bar directory listing. We haven’t had the good fortune of visiting firsthand yet. When we do, you’ll get a great review. In the meantime, we’ve compiled information to help you make a choice on visiting.

The Basics

4427 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Beach Dive



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