White Sail Inn

Dayton, Ohio

The only business for blocks in any direction, White Sail Inn is the definition of a neighborhood bar, a nondescript white building southeast of Dayton’s downtown core. The windows are so small and the building so similar to those around it that even determining a bar exists here at all takes prior knowledge. The space looks like an enclosed white shack, the cavernous pitched roof making ample space for the usual dive bar elements within. The gravel parking lot in front of the building is no doubt filled with regulars as White Sail Inn is no doubt a regulars-focused dive bar.

The community focus of the Dayton dive bar is clear in its rotating set of events that on occasion includes a potluck dinner or cornhole tournament. If the looks didn’t give it away, White Sail Inn is a cash-only institution. During Ohio’s colder months, a heated, enclosed patio extends the drinking space. During the summer, that same space is opened up to take advantage of Dayton summers. Published information about White Sail Inn is hard to come by, but it doesn’t take external sources to see a great dive bar in the white barn-like structure southeast of Dayton.

SFG Note: This is a dive bar directory listing. We haven’t had the good fortune of visiting firsthand yet. When we do, you’ll get a great review. In the meantime, we’ve compiled information to help you make a choice on visiting.

The Basics

1509 Barney Ave
Dayton, OH 45420

Neighborhood Bar



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