Endeavor Brewing & Spirits

Columbus, Ohio

Endeavor Brewing - Columbus Brewery - Exterior

In Short

Tied together by a global travel theme, Endeavor Brewing serves up a diverse experience that ranges from a broad and unique beer selection to a distillery operation cranking out quality gin, vodka and rum.

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out of 10

Nothing like a beer flight with a gin chaser.

Field Note

In a building that once served as a picture frame shop (with the frame-shaped sign outside to prove it) Endeavor has built upon the ashes of a former brewery that once occupied the same space to carve out a unique, global travel-themed path. And that theme carries through to a broad beer selection with clear ties to past trips, unique styles and a few seldom-seen items.

The brewery’s signature offerings play up the travel theme with key year-round examples including Icelandic Saga (aptly-named for an Icelandic-style ale), Hammock (a banana daquiri IPA) and a stout (Holy Ground) brewed with Cork, Ireland-sourced malt. The diversity of staples is complemented by a rotating, exploratory selection that maximizes the global theme.

And it is soccer that gives the taproom its second layer of global influence, the space serving as a supporters bar for local MLS team Columbus Crew SC and a gathering spot for major games and tournaments.

The space is an open one, with a single main room giving way to a long hallway and back room opened for special occasions (private occasions and any significant soccer game). And it is soccer that gives the taproom its second layer of global influence, the space serving as a supporters bar for local MLS team Columbus Crew SC and a gathering spot for major games and tournaments (e.g. World Cups, Champions Leagues, etc.).

A broad patio out front provides view of a bustling area of not quite suburban, not quite urban Columbus, only a couple of miles away from Ohio State’s main campus. As expected for a brewery taproom these days, a rotating set of food trucks backs up to the space, creating a neighborhood vibe when the Ohio weather allows it.

Included in the typical offering of food trucks, cold beer and a selection of board games are more unique offerings like a take-one-leave-one library and a full-blown distillery that offers high quality gin, vodka and rum. The gin in particular should not be overlooked, with both dry and botanical offerings providing diversity in cocktail selection.

And that’s really the strength of Endeavor, a space and brand that has used a global travel theme to tie together a number of different layers into one overarching experience. The physical space, the beer selection, the distillery, the overall presentation, all of it plays upon a central theme and provides a take on a Columbus brewery taproom experience unique to the area.

Beers to Try

The Basics

Endeavor Brewing & Spirits
909 W 5th Ave
Columbus, OH 43212

Neighborhood Brew

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Holy Ground (6%)
Year-Round | Export Stout

Finding a great stout outside of Ireland can be challenging at times, so the Cork, Ireland-sourced malt in this one is a welcome addition. Holy Ground comes on nitro in the taproom to complete the authentic presentation.

Icelandic Saga (4.7%)
Year-Round | Icelandic Wheat Ale

Oh, you’ve never had an Icelandic beer variety before? Wow. The shame. This one combines a classic wheat with some sage to create something wholly unique and worth a pint.

Hammock (6.2%)
Seasonal | Banana Daquiri IPA

I mean, the description is really in the title and its variety. It’s an IPA modeled after a banana daquiri, a drink conceived out of mashing two things that can get you drunk into one thing that almost certainly will.

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